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Professional Life Coaching

Ethical Principles and Privacy Guidelines in accordance with the International Association of Coaches

Guidance Tool - God's Double Edged Sword - The Word in the Holy Bible

Certified by ASPLC, Jacksonville Campus, Certificate in Energy Medicine by ALLEGRA Learning Solutions, LLC.

Life & Deliverance Coaching Testimonials 

Life can feel overwhelming and often we feel stuck.

Identifying how I have limited myself for many years, I started to asked myself many questions.

Questions like; What I am supposed to do with myself and how do I solve my problems best? Am I living my live to the fullest? Am I truly happy? What am I missing? This triggered for me to learn about life coaching.

In my personal life it has made an amazing impact within myself and my family. I would not have been able to unfold my family to a point where they are at peace with the decisions they make and the outcomes. It reflects harmony at home and all areas of life. Coaching has helped me with clients in my sales profession as well as colleagues and friends. The most rewarding feeling you can experience is, when you realize you have had the best solution and answers to your problems and questions all along.

Are you ready to make a difference in your life? 

Much love to open minded hearts that are willing to find the truth within and want to get unstuck. 

The Future is here!


"Christine’s Life Coaching made me aware of the many open doors in my life, and thrust me into the mindset to simply walk through them. Our first session was simple and about school. Although she is my mom, I never got that feeling during our session, especially on a subject as important as school. While I had already done the leg work to enter school, and I had already geared my self towards the positive changes I wanted to make in my life, I was still afraid to make a move and officiate my enrollment. She did not offer me motherly advice or anything like that. She simply brought out the answer that was in my heart through thought provoking questions. “This is what I want to do.  What am I waiting for? And what do I have to lose?” The very next day with our session fresh in my mind, I officiated my enrollment. I am now on the final week of my first semester, with A’s in all of my classes, and was able to attain a great job in my field through the school. I have a career now and it’s what I wanted all along. Of course, I did all the work to get here- everyone has to do that, but life coaching opened up my eyes to the opportunity that was there all along and once you open one door you will fly through the rest."


Are you ready for transformation and your testimonial?

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